About us

QualityAgent is a Danish-owned IT-company that develops intelligent quality assurance tools to contact centers.


The benefits of using QualityAgent

When you use QualityAgent, your quality assurance is being automated. Therefore you can spend more time on what is value creating for your contact center. 

Industry experience

Our solution has been developed based on the experiences we have gained from various industries, but especially from the experiences we have gained in the contact center industry.

Quality assurance

With QualityAgent, you get an intelligent quality assurance tool that gives you an automatic insight into the quality of your contact center as well as tools to raise it.


Our main vision is to automate the quality assurances in both in- and outbound contact centers in different lines of industries. Using QualityAgent you get a valuable insight in your quality.

Who is behind it?

Combined competencies from IntraManagers and RECORDIT

QualityAgent is an independent company, but the system has been developed by the Danish IT-company IntraManager® in collaboration with RECORDIT®. QualityAgent therefore brings together the best competencies from both companies in one, integrated solution that can create value for your company.


Are you prepared?

Contact us and get a trial period on QualityAgent.

Peder Nørgaard


E-mail: pn@qualityagent.dk
Telephone: 78 79 75 10