About QualityAgent 

With QualityAgent as your quality assurance tool, you can increase the quality in your contact center and thus give your customers a better experience in the meeting with your contact center.


QualityAgent automates the quality assurance, which unleashes human resources in your business and helps saves time. The released resources and the saved time can instead be used on things that are value creating for your contact center.

Improved customer experiences

With QualityAgent you get an intelligent quality assurance tool that helps you optimize the quality in your contact center, which leads to the improvement of customer experiences. Furthermore, this also improves your contact center’s credibility.

Fast search and filtration

In QualityAgent you can search and filtrate data on different levels, which gives a fast and visual outline of the conversations. Among other things, you can search for words in the conversation, avg. sentiment score, the duration of the conversation and much more.

The call module


Listen to recorded calls

With the call module in QualityAgent you can listen to your employees’ conversation – also across the systems other functions. You can also create fast searches on calls crosswise a range of filters. The recorded calls can furthermore be saved for eventual documentation, which creates safety for your employees.


In the call module you can also read transcripts of the recorded dialogues, which allows you to make statistics based on what is said. QualityAgent also lets you determine the aggressiveness of the transcripts.

Collect calls from different sources

In QualityAgent’s call module you can collect calls from different sources. The system gives you a visual overview of which calls are in- and outbound, and you can always follow your employees’ conversation length, sentiment score and NPS.


Speed up the employee development

Set up your own evaluation forms
QualityAgent lets you set up our own evaluation forms based on different parameters. In that way, you can be assured that the employees and the evaluations get into the things, that are important for your business.

Fast feedback
With the evaluation module, you can quickly give feedback to your employees and furthermore they can follow their development. The module is using two-way communication as the employees and supervisor/coach can be in contact with each other regarding the evaluation.

Employee development
You can use the evaluation forms in QualityAgent to employee development. The forms can give you a valuable insight as they help you spot trends.

The statistic module

Get a valuable insight in your customer dialogues

Call insights

With the statistic module in QualityAgent you can get a valuable insight into, among other things, which positive and negative words that the employees in your contact center uses.

Employee statistics

The module also provides an overall insight into everything from number of calls, , average sentiment score and the average rating.
The statistics are presented in both graph and table form.


Automate your quality reporting 

Reports that save you time
Your reporting will be automated with QualityAgent. Therefore, you do not have to set up the reports manually in e.g. Excel. It significantly reduces the risk of human error, and it saves you time that you can spend on increasing the quality.

Reports based on a wide range of parameters
When using QualityAgent as your quality assurance tool, you can set up the reports based on a wide range of parameters, e.g. speech/listening ratio, or number of hours.

Share the results
Once you have set up a quality report in QualityAgent, you have several options for sharing it with others in your contact center. You can either export the report to Excel or use the smart share function that is built into the system.


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